How to wear high-structure pants if you have a short torso?


Fashion has changed significantly when it comes to fashion trends: we used to wear shallow jeans that revealed much of the torso, and today we have changed the motto: the deeper – the better. We know that deep trousers are great and emphasize the female figure, especially because of the effect of visual narrowing of the waist.

However, ladies with shorter torso know they need to avoid these models because they make their torso even shorter. But we have a solution. There are ways in which you can wear high-structure jeans regardless of whether your torso is proportional to the rest of the body or not. See the effective fashion tips below that will help you deal with this fashionable piece in a chic way …

Put your blouse in your pants

When you put the blouse in the pants, then you emphasize their goal, and the goal is to highlight your structure and create a figure of an hourglass that we all wish. Ladies with shorter torso should choose wide cannons, rather than classical and simple. Puff cuffs will help to balance the proportions between long legs and small torso.

Avoid very short models

“Krop” trousers that subtly reveal joints are a great choice, but when it comes to models with a length of up to half a sheet, know that you need to avoid them because you will look like you were pulling them very high from above.

Monochrome access

Keep up to a tint (in a literal sense) and thus create an elegant line, while deep trousers will make magic in the central part of your body. The result? The illusion of a chic suit and a well-defined half, no strange proportions.

High collar

While the V-style is excellent for all breast types, this rule does not apply to shorter ladies when combined with deep trousers or skirts. V-expression lengthens the middle of the body and puts the focus on the lower body. On the other hand, the high strengths, including the rollers, raise the gaze towards the upper body. Thus, the proportionality between the upper, shorter, and lower body is achieved.


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