Hyundai has shown what the i30 N model offers



South Korea’s Hyundai continued its aggressive promotion of its N-class and car show in Paris.

Hyundai in “City of Light” arrived with the new variant of the i30 N model, which is named N Option.

The N Option concept is a vision for future N details and as a high performance Hyundai model could evolve in the future.

Hyundai’s N Option features 25 different high quality interiors and exteriors that include details like carbon fiber, leather seats and so on.

Here are 20-inch alloy wheels, the only matt finish, specially made for this model.

Hyundai did not mention any changes in the driving range of the car, so it is assumed to be identical to the standard i30 N version.

It’s a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo petrol engine that has 270 hp.


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