In the new school year, with joint forces to greater safety of children in traffic



skutečnou šancí, kde můžete Prodávat a Kupovat Vůz

Early September announces the beginning of the new school year and the first school bell. New challenges, new opportunities, but also new obligations and worries, especially for parents and students, facing the huge challenge directly related to traffic: how can children arrive safely and safely to the school yard ?!

The frequency of vehicles and pedestrians in traffic, with the beginning of the school year, is significantly increasing. Accordingly, the need for additional intake of caution by all road users is increasing, especially when moving close to school or kindergarten.

Recommendations and tips for drivers!

The National Council for Road Traffic Safety reminds drivers about the everyday practice in which children unexpectedly run on the street, as well as the legal obligation, in the school and kindergarten area, to reduce the speed of movement and increase the alertness and care. Do not forget, the safety of children in traffic is the responsibility of adults!

More than a known fact is that children younger than 12 years of age do not adequately assess the distance of cars and the time they need to cross the street. It is also known that children know how to be temperamental and reckless. Children enter one of the vulnerable groups of participants in the traffic, which is the most risky because the children are the only ones without life and traffic experience and do not understand the dangers they threaten in traffic! Therefore, the care of drivers for their safe movement in traffic should be maximal!

Recommendations and advice for parents! with a reminder for the parents, the personal example of the children they are daily viewing: unconditionally and fully obey the rules and regulations in the traffic! Statistic data show that children often suffer in traffic accidents as travelers. In this regard, recalls the legal obligation under which, children who are not 12 years old, must not be transported to the front seat, as well as the obligation to use a seat belt on all seats and a children’s seat for children up to the age of 5 years (even when driving lasts briefly).

Traffic accidents happen when you least expect it. Therefore, it is very important always to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Each responsible parent, in addition to the other obligations, with the beginning of the school year, is obliged to show his child and repeat the safest way from school to home, to point the child on potential risks and traffic threats and to explained and repeated the most important rules and regulations in traffic. For additional protection of children, in night conditions and in conditions of reduced visibility, it is recommended wearing bright clothes, using reflective materials on clothes, school bags and the like.

Recommendations and tips for children!

Children who go to school alone, without accompanying a parent or other adult, use safe pedestrian routes and always move along the pavement. When crossing the street, always use marked pedestrian crossings, so that you will first look at the left, right and left left before stepping on the street.

Always remember the advice of parents and teachers. In settlements, move on a sidewalk or a pedestrian walkway. If it does not, then it should move as close as possible to the edge of the carriageway.

When traveling by bus, when driving out of the bus, students should always wait for the bus to pass first, and then only cross the street. Running on the street in front or behind the bus is very risky and dangerous.

Children should know that they should not go out on the street when they move between parked cars because they are lower than them and drivers can not notice them before they go out on the road.

Children should always be careful when moving on the street or on a sidewalk. wishes all students a successful school year and once again reminds them to safely, carefully and responsibly participate in the traffic!

The children went to school. Excellent 5 if you watch out for children in traffic!


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