In which country is most meat eaten?


Consuming meat globally has risen rapidly over the past 50 years, with Americans, Australians and Europeans eat most meat on the planet, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization data.

Meat production today is nearly five times higher than in the early 60’s when annual production was 70 million tonnes of meat, which in 2017 increased to 330 million flesh.

The biggest reason for this situation is that there are more people on Earth, and that means increased food consumption.

In the period from 1960 to 2017, the world population has increased more than doubled. Today, more than 7.6 billion people are fed on Earth, and 60 billion years ago there were 3 billion people.

However, the increased number of people is not at all the only reason to increase the volume of meat consumption. People around the world become more gluttonous and eat more meat. Logically, in rich countries more meat is consumed.

At the top of the list of the world’s largest consumers of meat are Americans and Australians. In these countries, the average person eats about 100 pounds of meat per year, equivalent to 50 poultry or half a cow, according to the UN data.

In large quantities, meat is eaten in western Europe where each person eats 80 to 90 kg of meat annually on average.

In poor countries, on the other hand, less meat is eaten. Thus, for example, an Ethiopian eats only seven kilos of meat annually, a Rwandan resident of eight kilograms, and Nigeria nine kilograms of meat annually.

This is ten times less than an average European a year.

However, it has been noted that in some countries the consumption of meat has doubled, but still in the poor countries it has remained the same.

On average, the Chinese ate five kilos of meat per capita annually 50 years ago. In the 1980s, this amount increased to 20 kilos of meat per year, and the average Chinese today eats more than 60 kilograms of meat annually. The situation is similar in Brazil.

While eating meat has great benefits for human health, nutritionists still think that in some countries excessive eating of meat is not good for humans.

Studies have shown that excessive eating of red and processed meat increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, and certain cancers.

Nutritionists say the replacement of beef and pork with chicken can be a huge step forward for a healthier life.


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