Is sex in a relationship better?


Sex without obligation when you are single has its own advantages. You can “unwind” and try new things and you will never see that person again. “Sex-friends” are also a good option if you do not have time or are not emotionally prepared for a relationship.


But if sexual experimentation is not your favorite, and yet it needs more than physical sex, sex alone will not give you much but calming hormones and some calories burned.

There are certain segments of sex in a relationship that makes it special and irreplaceable. But is it better? Sexologists say yes for several reasons.

Safe sex

When you have sex with just one partner, you are less likely to contract sexually transmitted diseases, and you have already established a method of contraception that suits both of you. And there is no better sex than safe sex.

Communication means better sex

When dealing with someone, try to get to know that person and to learn all the things she likes, what “lights up” and what not, what are the specific things that give her pleasure. The same is true for you. Through communication, a better relationship is built, and therefore a better sex, because it is openly talked about all the things that you like and dislike. The mutual acquaintance gives him a special magic of sex and he gets better all the time.

Romantic sex

We are not talking about burning candles and sprinkling roses from the rose on the bed. The intimacy you have with your partner and the romantic relationship you have developed, that is, love, contributes to a deeper, more intense experience of sexual experience. Confidence, familiarity, and freedom of sex with someone you know and want to make sex even better.


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