Is the end of legendary muscle car beats near?


Changes in the automotive industry are happening fast. Manufacturers are turning to electric models and it slowly begins to reflect the turning of the focus on SUV makers.

It announces the gradual extinction of “racial” sports beasts with a gasoline engine, and in that basket can be found well-known American muscle car cars.

This is confirmed by the latest information from Detroit – that the next generation of the popular Dodge Challengera may be on a hybrid drive.

It was announced by Mike Menley, director of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) group owned by the Dodge brand.

FCA plans to replace the current platform with which Challenger is made with a new, with lighter technologies that will open up space for electrification.

Earlier it was speculated that FCA plans to offer the Dodge Challenger in the basic version with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine at a starting price of around $ 30,000.

“This platform and the technology we use can not be up to the middle of the next decade. New technologies will leave a lot of mass, so it is possible that the drive is different. And we can also use electrification as a great addition to those cars, “said Menley.

The reason for concern among fans of muscle car cars is not just the thinking of the head of Dodgea, but also of the competing company Ford which will soon offer an electric SUV based on its popular Mustang on the market.

Corvette will also receive a hybrid drive in the Zora version this year, and it is announced that there will be as much as 1,000 hp.

Electrification will certainly be part of the formula for American muscle car cars in the future, said Menley.


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