Italy violated the rights of the mafia boss Provenzano


Italy violated the rights of famous mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano by being imprisoned in a very strict prison regime in months before he died, the European Court of Human Rights has found.

Provenzano died at the hospital’s wing in Milan two years ago at the age of 83, after years of his health deteriorating.

He was arrested in 2006 after a 43-year escape and was sentenced to life in prison for several acts, including mass murder, drug trafficking and kidnappings.

Provenzano was placed in a special prison regime, aimed at preventing mafia bosses from continuing to organize crime from prison. Visits to these criminals were limited, and there was a limitation in their activities and buying food for them.

The European Court of Human Rights has said that prison conditions did not violate the rights of Provenzano and that he received professional medical care.

But leaving him in a strict prison regime and in the months before his death, when his condition deteriorated every day, was a violation of his right not to become an object of inhuman and degrading treatment.

The court refused to rule on damaging the son of Provenzano, who filed the lawsuit.


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