John Ham was eating a penis from a bull to not tell how much he was


The actor John Hem was a guest at James Corden’s show where again, as the topic of conversation, the magnitude of his masculinity, which is the subject of a fascination of many of his fans, was thrust out.

Host Corden challenged Ham (47) in the Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts segment where guests respond to intimate questions or eat some disgusting eating if they do not want to respond.

It was only a matter of time when the question mark on the size of his penis would appear in the questions about the star of “Mad Men”.

And just to the question “What is your Hamakonda?” A ham option was for eating a penis from a bull.

Although Corden did his best to persuade Ham to answer the question, the actor did not give in.

The audience did not receive an answer even though Corden offered to show him with his hands, and the actor only told him where to stand and tried to “lure” him with the fact that his mother came to the studio that night just to reach her information.

Besides the penis from the bull, Hem in the show also drank out of a hot hot dog with a cheese and two cups of hot sesame “on ex”.


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