Like chameleon: Alfa Romeo that changes color


Romeo Ferraris has beautified the most powerful SUV model of Alfa Romeo. In addition to the extra power, the Stelvio Quadrifoglio has received a special color that changes the hue depending on the violation of the light on the surface of the vehicle.

The Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio was already an impressive model with its V6 twin-turbo engine with an incredible 510 horsepower.

The tuning house Romeo Ferraris decided to make it even better, so the plant increased to 556 horsepower, and the axle torque of 660 Nm (from the 600 Nm factory).

The company claims that the modified Stelvio Quadrifoglio reaches a speed of 290 km / h, compared to the standard 283 km / h.

Thanks to the color with a special spillover effect, this powerful beast has got an incredible exterior – the exterior varies from dark green, through bronze to violet tint.

And that’s not all: Romeo Ferraris equip some of the elements of the bodywork – like the mask of the cooler, door handles and mirror enclosures – with a carbon fiber material, and the wheels have received the new ten-inch 20-inch alloy wheels from OZ.


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