Louvre: “Naked Mona Lisa” is perhaps one of the lost works of Leonardo da Vinci


A picture that has incredible similarities with the famous “Mona Lisa” and was often associated with the studio and school of artist Leonardo da Vinci, could be created personally by the Italian master.

Officially known as “Mona Vana”, the image is charcoal and shows a girl in a similar position like that of “Mona Lisa”. So far it was believed that it was the work of an artist who lived at the same time as Da Vinci, but the Louvre Museum says it could be his work.

The face and hands of the girl in the picture are in the same position as the “Mona Lisa”, and repeated researches by historians and scientific experts say that the work should be redefined, with the explanation that it probably belongs to Leonardo da Vinci.

According to research reports, the painting is painted by a leftist artist and probably served as a preparation, or sketch, for another painting painted with brush and paint. Leonardo da Vinci is the most renowned historical art artist to draw with his left hand, so the matching style, the pose, the period in which he is drawn and the geographical position of the image strongly directs the doubts of the Italian artist.

“There is a great chance that Mona Vana is a work entirely or partially drawn by Leonardo (da Vinci). It’s about an image made by an experienced, very talented artist, “says Mathew Partick, curator at the Louvre Museum.

As early as 2017 it was confirmed that this painting originated from a time when Leonardo da Vinci worked actively, but then her creation was attributed to another artist from his school of art.

“Mona Vana” will be exhibited at the Chantilly Palace, just north of Paris. The exhibition will run from 1 June to 6 October and will mark the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. The Italian artist was born in Florence in 1452 and died in France in 1519.


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