Love relationships at the workplace become a taboo topic


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It is often advised that work colleagues should not engage in love affairs and affair, as this could lead to a number of unpleasant situations as the relationship progresses, and in the event of a link between a superior and an employee to have legal consequences.


A recent survey showed that romance at work is increasingly becoming a taboo subject.

The survey shows that almost 80% of interpersonal relationships think that emotional relationships in the working environment have become less and less acceptable lately.

An interesting fact is that one in 20 companies in the UK has specifically emphasized that the love affiliations between employees are forbidden, Independent reported.

However, the researchers came to staggering evidence that half of the total number of employees had a relationship or affair with a colleague or colleague at the workplace. Nearly three-quarters of them hid it from their boss or other superior in the company.

Job links are becoming taboo mostly because people fear that peers or superiors will see and evaluate differently, that in the event of termination they will be the victim of blackmail or that if one of them progresses to the workplace, the other will be placed ” under the magnifying glass “.


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