Man-legend: Fernando Alonso leaves Formula 1


Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso retreats from Formula One. The Spaniard released an emotional video for good on his Twitter account, and at the same time McLaren officially confirmed the news.

“McLaren Racing confirms today the information that the double world champion Fernando Alonso will not compete in Formula 1 in 2019. Fernando, who turned 37 in July, competed in his 17th season, fifth with McLaren, and won 32 wins, 22 pole positions and 97 podiums to date. In addition to his two world titles, in 2005 he became the youngest world champion in the history of F1, and three times ended up as a vice champion, “his team said.

 McLaren’s head, Zach Braun, said that Fernando is not only McLaren’s ambassador, but also F1.

– His 17 years in the sport as one of the most prominent of his generation and no doubt one of the biggest in F1, added a new layer to the rich history of Formula One. For everyone it is time to make a change and Fernando decided to perform after the end of the season . We respect his decision, although he is in the best form for his entire career. The open dialogue with Fernando allowed us to prepare for such an option, says Brown.

He added that Alonso will continue to compete at the highest level in the remaining nine starts by the end of the season.


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