Maserati says “NO” to the electric future


The Italian automaker Maserati does not intend to closely follow the trends of full electrification of the sales offer. Although this company intends to introduce partial electrification of its models in the future, it does not want to give up internal combustion engines.

While some luxury car manufacturers like Porsche and Rolls Royce are already working on new electric models, Maserati remains dedicated to conventional gasoline engines.

“We are such a car brand that needs internal combustion engines because our models must carry this cruel emotion in themselves,” Maserati, the head of Maserati in the US, Al Gardner, told MotorTrend.

The Italian company is currently in a downturn, because the car sales of this brand has been significantly reduced in the last period, although for the first time in its history it produced an SUV model, called Levante.

Maserati will present new models on the market, which will have a hybrid propulsion system. Among them are an all-new sports car that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in 2021, and a year later a new SUV will appear on the same Fair, which will be slightly smaller than the current Levante.


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