McLaren’s Halo Device Will Be Sponsored By A Flip-Flop Company


In a stroke of PR genius, McLaren has secured a one-race sponsorship deal which will see the branding of lifestyle and flip-flop firm Gandys appear on the MCL33’s Halo device
McLaren, we see what you did there. The Woking-based firm today announced that at the Australian Grand Prix next week, the Halo device on its MCL33 2018 F1 car will be sponsored by lifestyle brand Gandys. A lifestyle brand that makes flip-flops.

In a press release, McLaren said:
“Today’s announcement means Gandys will become the first brand to take advantage of the unique shape of the new-for-2018 halo cockpit protection structure, which has frequently been compared to the distinctive upper of a flip-flop.”

Oh, and Gandys is even making a ‘halo edition’ flip-flop to coincide with the deal.
So far, so funny, but there’s a serious side to this too: 100 per cent of profits on the special flip-flops will go to the Sri Lanka-based Orphans for Orphans charity set up by Gandys founders Rob and Paul Forkan, two brothers who were orphaned by the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. 10 per cent of all the company’s wider profits go to the charity, meanwhile.

All this has us thinking: since it’s for a good cause, wouldn’t it be great to see Alonso wearing a pair next time he retires from a race? Think of the memes..


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