Meccoli Culkin: I slept in the same bed with Michael Jackson and my parents knew about it


Ever since the documentary “Leaving Neverland” of HBO has come out, the stories about the alleged pedophilia cases against the legendary pop star Michael Jackson can not be silenced. People have split into two camps – some who blame others who defend it.

The songs of the “King of Pop” were withdrawn from a number of major radio stations, FOX pulled out the episodes of “The Simpsons” in which Jackson appears, and many music artists have already removed his name from the common songs.

The latest actor, actor McCally Kalkin, whose close relationship with Michael Jackson has long been known to the public. He long ago, while Jackson was alive, stood on his side and this continued even now, as the documentary allegedly “uncovered” cases of pedophilia for the singer.

“In my case, it was all normal. It was an ordinary human friendship. It’s easy to say it’s ‘twisted’, but it’s really not so. People are questioning our friendship because he is the most famous person in the world, “says Kalkin.

Otherwise, McKilly Kalkin in 2005 testified in favor of defense in a court case in which Michael Jackson was accused of raping then the 24-year-old actor. Then Kalkin told the court that he even slept in the same bed with Michael Jackson, and that his parents knew about it, but did not have any problem because they trusted the singer.


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