Medical miracle: A baby taken from the mother’s stomach, cured and turned back


Pregnant Beth Simpson was subjected to a revolutionary method so far unnoticed in medicine. Her child was taken out of the stomach to be healed, and then the doctors managed to turn him back.

This move is incredibly risky, but cost-effective, and Bethany can be very happy because she and her child are perfectly healthy after the effort.

Doctors of the unborn baby diagnosed a “spina bifida”, a severe defect in which there is an innate split of the spinal column and therefore the spinal cord is not completely closed. After this diagnosis, Bethany had the opportunity to terminate the pregnancy, but instead her husband Kieron learned of a special type of surgery that could save the child.

Bethan, who is to give birth to the child in April this year, went to a specialized surgery at a hospital in London, where doctors successfully operated her child. Immediately afterwards, the baby was returned to the mother’s stomach.


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