Men from these professions are the best lovers


Do you believe that your partner’s profession has a relationship with his skills in bed? One research claims to have.

Redbook has done research among 400 married women to discover kaw lovers are men who are dealing with various professions. Sex Therapist and Psychologist Dr. Linda de Villers says it’s not surprising that your partner makes a difference in the daytime and what he does in the evening.

“If you handle machines all day, it’s possible to know what to do with the female body. If there is a work that is linear, it relies on logic, it may be a bit more formal and in bed, “said the doctor.

Here are the results of the research, what kind of lovers are men of different professions:

1. Men in uniform (firefighters, policemen, etc.)

About 81 percent of their partners think that the sexiest thing about these men is that they want their partner to be fully satisfied. 84 percent of women assess sexual intercourse with these men as excellent or very good.

However, they also have a fault, 25 percent of women say they avoid foreplay, and 35 percent want partners to be more adventurers in bed.

2. Doctors and health workers

Their women say these men are romantic and gentle, wanting to be chaste. About 55 percent say they are the best and the best when it comes to oral sex, but are pretty bad when it comes to foreplay. About 34 percent say that foreplay lasts too soon.

In addition, 36 percent of their partners say that sexual intercourse lasts briefly.

3. Traders

According to this study, these men enjoy sex every day and are three times more prone to sex routines than average men. But 25 percent of wives say that the relationship is too fast.

4. Workers in the factory

And these are not some good lovers, 59 percent of their partners think that sex can be much better, and 20 percent rated sex life as bad.

The good side is that these men in the bed are adventurers, they want to experiment and try new poses.

5. Educational workers and civil servants

Characteristic for these men is that they can not accept “No” for an answer when their partner is not in the position of sex. They would enjoy sex on a daily basis.

It is interesting for them that all of the respondents whose men are from this branch say that the foreplay with them is regular, and 61 percent of men want to get caught up in the relationship.

6. Artists

Their partners claim to be the best lovers, 45 percent rate sex life with an artist as excellent. In them, foreplay is good, and 13 percent of women say that foreplay sometimes seems like “eternal to last.” 73 percent of artists manage to fully meet their partner.

7. Construction workers

These men often enjoy sex, 58 percent of them have sex more than twice a week. However, 30 percent of women would like their partners to be a little more gentle. Interestingly, 61 per cent of men most often satisfy their partner if she is in the mood for sex, and they are not.

8. Managers and supervisors

They are in third place with the best lovers, 38 percent of their partners evaluate how great their sex life is. These men all want to be cherished, and 74 percent are excellent in oral sex.

9. Architects and engineers

These men make sure their partners are fully satisfied, 92 per cent of them do not avoid foreplay, and their partners say that it keeps getting so good that sex is perfect.

10. Mechanics and truck drivers

According to women’s estimates, they are best in oral sex, 95 percent of them enjoy foreplay, and 39 percent have excellent sex life.

11. IT experts

The survey shows that they are least inclined to adapt to the partner if she wants sex, and he does not, only 17 percent of them will agree to that. They least enjoy oral sex, and they do not want to satisfy their partner in this way. They do not want to experiment with poses or sex toys, but 63 percent of them want to get caught up in the relationship.

12. Men in costumes (lawyers, consultants, etc.)

They want to enjoy sex every day, 42 percent want sex every day, 10 percent of them enjoy each day. They want to experiment and try new locations, they are great in foreplay, 92 percent of their partners say that foreplay lasts quite enough.


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