Men in winter have a greater need for sex


Men in the winter have a greater need for sex, showing a survey conducted using one application for online meetings. In the winter, the desire for sex grows in men, but also the desire for tenderness, romance and familiarity.

The survey involved 1,000 men, one in five replied that during the winter, he would spend time with a partner and for which he was not so warm, than himself. Why is this so asked by a therapist for marital problems and relationship problems, Dr. Rachel A. Susman.

“As much as summer men are excited about the fact that they are free, at that time they usually avoid emotional connections in order to do what they want and when they want. But in the winter, the emotional and sexual emptiness is unacceptable, just like women, they feel lonely, “the doctor explains.

However, the issue of heightened sexual needs is highlighted, since most reported that sex in the winter is more important to them. The explanation of the doctor is simple, unlike the summer months when girls are easily dressed and show more body, in the winter of men they are working out fantasy. She says that it is not the way many think, that men are more excited by nudity.

“In the winter, fantasy in men is at a higher level because they need to find out what lies behind all those layers of clothing for women,” the doctor explains.


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