Morning sex: why is it even better in the summer?


Sex with your partner is always a good idea. But in the summer when temperatures grow, two sweaty bodies do not sound quite erotic to one another.

That does not mean that you do not have to have sex in the summer. On the contrary, you need to have as much sex as possible, just to choose your time wisely.

Morning sex itself has numerous advantages. Morning sex is like eating a chocolate cake for breakfast – decadent, sweet, satisfying enjoyment.

Many studies have shown that people who have sex in the morning are happier and healthier. Morning sex is usually more intense and more exciting.

Morning sex is good because it will not only awaken you well, you will remember it all day and will keep you full of energy and a smile on your face.

Sex in itself is a great physical activity, so replace one morning running with one morning sex. Scientists have confirmed that one hour of sex consumes the same calories as with 30 minutes of jogging (men average 240 hours per hour and women 180).

Another good reason for morning sex is that the situation is favorable – you already have some clothes on yourself (if at all).

Here is the reason why morning sex is even better in the summer: Temperatures are not yet in the “hell zone”, the apartment is quiet and cool at night, and the bodies rested. It’s a much better option than hanging out in the afternoon or waiting to cool late in the evening.


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