Mothers need respite from children once a year


The brain of a woman literally changes when she becomes a mother. Scientists have found that the amount of gray matter in the brain increases in mothers four months after delivery. But this is not the only change.

The whole life of a woman changes after she becomes a mother because it is like a full-time job and more. And as we need rest from every job, this is no exception.

It may sound cool and strange, but mothers need rest from their beloved children, at least once a year.

It does not mean that they love them less or are sick of them, but simply, once a year, they need to rest from constant care of them so that they can continue to function.

If you feel a need to make a break from children, that does not mean that you are a bad mother, but that you need time to devote yourself to being a better mother.

You can take this break as you like: vacation on the beach, a few days at the family home of some friends, or simply a “woman’s evening” with a friend. The most important thing is not to be with children, not to be “on call” and to relax.

Responsibilities for children, home and work can seriously get tired of you, and that kind of fatigue does not pass if you are close to the “source” because you can not react when you are close to your children.

This tiredness over time causes you stress and reflects your mood and energy, and this reflects on the whole family and home.

Therefore, for the sake of all, Mom needs rest.


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