Of all the sounds on the plane, you should be most afraid of total silence


Airborne noise is not something to be afraid of, especially if you consider that any change is noisy in your own way. However, if you do not hear anything, it’s a sign that the panic is unnecessary.

If suddenly there is a complete silence on the plane, it is a cause for concern. That may mean that both engines on the aircraft have canceled. Even then, you’re not in a worrying situation – even if you do not ride your engines, the plane can travel quite a distance without both engines. Air Transat’s airplane on flight 236 in 2001 was left without two engines during a flight and was forced to land at an airport 100 kilometers away.

A strong impact and a landing blast may mean a cracked tire on the landing wheels, which may be a serious problem.

The sound of an engine that gets louder while you fly relatively close to the ground can mean that a bird was sucked in the engine.

A lightning strike is not dangerous to the plane, and passengers can spot it in the form of a “flash light” and a slight firing of the spacecraft.


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