Pablo Escobar’s last conversation with his son


The son of the world’s biggest mobster Pablo Escobar tells the story of his escape from cartels, his dad’s memories, their last conversation.

Juan Pablo Escobar says that his blood flows through his veins to his father who can easily become a revengeist. He did not turn into his father.

Today he is called Sebastian Morokin. He lives in Argentina, where he graduated from architecture. He chose the new name from the phone book. He did not want anything to tie him to his old life.

More than 20 years after the death of the world’s biggest mobster, he decided under the real name to publish the book “My Father, Pablo Escobar”.

Start at the end

Towards the end of the 1980s, tectonic remarks in the world of drug trafficking came to light. A group of bosses separated from the Medelin cartel and strengthened the so-called. cartel Kali of Jose Santacruz Londono and the brothers Rodriguez Orehuil.

Cartier Calie made an agreement with the police and the state and together waged a war against Pablo Escobar.

After several years of war, a deal was reached that would allow Pablo to surrender on condition that he be placed in a prison that he himself will build. The prison was called “Cathedral”.

Juan Pablo Escobar was already a teenager and knew what was happening and who his father was.

One day his father told him:

“I have bad news. The bad thing is they wanted to kidnap you … The good thing is I found out on time. ”

He told him that he must remain in the prison.

“Ask them to bring you clothes because you can not go out until I decide this personally.”

The last conversation

When Pablo Escobar escaped from the Cathedral (because he himself built the tunnels for escape), the period began to become the most wanted man in the world.

The army, the police and the joint-forces cartel searched it all over Colombia.

One night, Popeye’s bodyguard picked up Juan Pablo, his sister and mother, and took them to the secret hideout.

“I and my dad spent all night and we fell asleep at six o’clock in the morning.”

After that, his father started to look for him more often, he became less careful.

Once Juan Pablo received questions from a journalist, Escobar asked him to read it.

“I read the first five questions, but he interrupted me and told me he would call me in 20 minutes. He appeared to me at the agreed time and began to read my answers, and I wrote them down. ‘I’ll call you’, he told me when we were somewhere in half. When the phone rang again, I thought it was him. ‘Juan Pablo, here is the Gloria Congo. The police only confirmed to me that your father died in the Obelisk Mall in Medellin. “I was surprised: there was no chance he was dead. Only seven minutes ago I talked to him. I dropped my earpiece and started crying. We all cried, “recalls Juan Pablo in his book.


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