People who exercise regularly earn more and are happier.


If you are not happy and satisfied with your life, one recent research recommends that you turn to regular exercise.

The survey, which included 2,000 respondents in the United States, examined the correlation between the level of physical activity and the impact on lifestyle. The results show that those people who have a habit of exercising regularly are happier and earn more than those who do not exercise.

The difference in earnings is not small. Those who say they practice regularly earn an average of $ 74,000 annually, and those who say they never practice earn an average of just $ 49,000. That’s an incredible difference of $ 25,000.

Another study conducted by OnePoll for the fitness application Freeletics included 1,000 respondents who regularly exercise and 1,000 respondents who rarely exercise or never exercise. The goal was to examine the overall impact of the habit of regular physical activity on the quality of life. The research showed that exercise positively reflects on health and well-being, but also on the balance in the bank.

Of those respondents who said that they regularly exercise, those who did more intense exercises earned even more.

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Studies have shown that people who regularly exercise also have regular and better sex.

34% of those who regularly exercise say they have sex several times a week, compared to only 15% of those who never exercise.

One out of four respondents who never exercise, do not have sex at all.

Attitude and mental preparedness are another aspect of life that regular exercise has an impact on. People who exercise regularly are more likely to be considered more self-guided, target-oriented, and willing to take risks.

People who do not practice perceive themselves as less optimistic and only 7% of them agreed with the statement that they live a fulfilling life. 30% of people who exercise regularly confirmed this statement.


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