Playboy model Marisa arrested for posing goals in the Vatican


Marisa Papen, the controversial Playboy mastermind from Belgium, decided to risk everything in the name of art. But the Vatican police did not allow her mission to go unpunished. She was arrested for strolling naked, holding a large wooden cross through the Vatican streets.

Caution: Explicit Content

Belgian Marisa Papen was arrested while posing completely naked on the street in front of the Church of St. Peter. She had previously done the same before a holy temple in Egypt and a mosque in Turkey – and was severely condemned by the religious population in both places.

Marisa Papen was selected as Miss January 2017 by Playboy Magazine. She and her photographer, Jesse Walker, travel around the world and make photo shows in front of the most important religious buildings in the country she visits, posing completely naked. In one of the photographs from the Vatican’s photo shoot she sits on several bibles in front of the courtyard of the church of St. Peter.

Vatican police arrested Papen after searching her rented apartment where large wooden crosses, fake priestly garments, false blood and thorn crown were found. Marisa and Walker spent 10 hours in a cell before being released.

“The biggest problem I have with religion are the institutions built around it. They are focused solely on making money and nothing more. They have no soul, “said Marisa Papen for the incident.

This is not the first arrest Marisa has gone through due to her art. She was arrested in Turkey this October when she showed her genitals in front of the St. Sophia Museum, which was previously a church, then a mosque, before finally being converted into a museum.


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