Preview is the most important part of good sex, tips on how to start it


Prediction is a very important part of sex, this will be recognized by every woman. But men are not really thrilled and often consider it a dull duty. But every good and quality foreplay leads to great sex. Especially if you want your partner to experience orgasm.

Men’s Health has uncovered several tricks to help you get your partner to madness.

1. Massage

Start with a gentle massage from your feet, massage the toes from toe to fingers, with gentle touches. It’s not a bad thing to add gentle kisses.

2. Find out what excites her

Every woman gets excited in a different way, someone wants to hear sexy words, and another to say how sexy and attractive.

“Most women appreciate the man who wants to satisfy them, if a woman notices that you are trying to be satisfied, believe that she will return the service,” said Barbara Bartlik, professor of psychiatry at Cornell University.

3. Focus on quality

Enhance the quality of foreplay, women need a little more time to get excited. Enjoy while you play with her sexual fantasies.

4. Be careful with the clitoris

Direct stimulation of the clitoris can actually be very painful, so you should be very gentle.

5. Investigate her body

Do not focus only on genitals, the whole body of the body is full of erogenous zones such as neck, legs, chest.

6. Speak less, talk more

Talk about simple things, choose a part of your body that is your favorite and say how sexy it is.

7. Do not forget the kisses

The biggest erotic pleasure for the woman comes from a long romantic kiss.


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