How Putin gave him a diplomatic goal in the world?


The Kremlin may be “fighting” with the West, but the rest of the world goes exactly to Vladimir Putin, because Russia is the one hosting the World Cup in football, according to CNN.

And in this situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin won important diplomatic goals – world leaders go to Moscow to watch matches, raising Putin’s reputation and placing Russia at the center of geopolitical developments, according to an analysis by the US media.

According to the example given in this CNN analysis, Russia’s victory at the start of the championship against Saudi Arabia was a landslide victory, and in the festive lodge, Putin welcomed Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi Arabia’s selection lost to the Russians with a convincing 5: 0, but Putin and the Saudi prince took care of the world to show him that they agreed on the world oil price.

The offensive “Putin’s World Cup charm” is extended. United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres came to his feet, along with the Russian president watching the match between Portugal and Morocco.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman at the World Cup in Russia

Also, Putin’s host will be South Korean leader Moon Jane-in, a brief period after a historic summit between the North Korean leader and the president of America in Singapore.

“CNN” reports that Moon will first speak in the Russian Duma district, and then travel to Rostov, where he will watch the match between the selection not his country and Mexico.

It is estimated that this World Cup in football strengthened Putin’s role in the world, just like the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, which meant that Russia was confident in its intention to return to the world political scene with all its strength.

Sochi games were held exactly in the period when Russia annexed the Ukrainian island of Crimea, reminds “CNN”. Since then, relations between Russia and the Western countries have been further damaged, and all this has contributed to the collapse of the Malaysian MH17 over Ukraine, full of passengers, which was also blamed on Russia.

The incidents that were blamed on Russia are constantly increasing. The Russians were accused of interfering in the US presidential election, due to which an investigation has been carried out in the US for a long time, and the accusation has come for the poisoning of dual agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia in England, the expulsion of diplomats, sanctions and many other similar situations .

However, all this does not deter tourists from coming to Russia, and for the work to be even more interesting, the most tickets for the World Cup were sold exactly in America, according to official data of FIFA.

And photographs of thousands of foreign fans who celebrate, cheer and drink alcohol on the streets across Russian cities sends a clear picture – Russia welcomes the world with widespread hands and is not an isolated country.


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