Putin: We have a weapon that has no flat in the world


Moscow, December 18, 2018 (MIA) – Russian President Vladimir Putin said today that Russia has weapons that are not flat in the world and that it will ensure the security of the country in decades to come.

At a meeting of the military top in Moscow, Putin separately set apart a new hypersonic missile “Dagger” (Kama) and the hippopotamus sailboat “Vanguard”, noting that these weapons will significantly strengthen Russia’s military capabilities.

“Serious progress has been made in the development of advanced weapons, which I spoke on March 1 this year before parliament. I hope that our latest systems will force those who are accustomed to militaristic rhetoric to think a little, “Putin said at an extended defense ministry meeting.

He also noted that the US withdrawal from the Mid-Range Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (INF) could destroy the arms control system. However, Putin clarified that there are no obstacles to modernizing the INF agreement with other countries, or to develop a new arms deal in that sphere.


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