Putin welcomed Habib and told him a few words: I’ll ask your father one thing (Video)


Habib Nurmagomedov received an incredibly large number of new fans after defeating Connor McGregor at the UFC 229 spectacle that took place in Las Vegas, but also drew vast attention and became a top topic with the way he reacted after the end of the fight.

The Russian is still awaiting the Commission’s final decision in Nevada for the outburst and the attack on people in the audience, but while awaiting the results of the sentence he received, he was on the reception yesterday at the most important man in his native country.

President Vladimir Putin welcomed Habib and his father, who is the creator of this great success of Nurmagomedov, and from the conversation recorded by the cameras, it is interesting to separate one of the most influential person in Russia, dedicated to the father of the fighter (Habib after defeating Connor pointed out that he would receive a special beat from his teacher and father about what he did).

– I’ll ask for one thing from your father. I will ask you to cut part of the sentence that she plans to give you, because the most important thing is that you fought like a real fighter and deserved to win. We know it was a provocation, it was provoked, and we Russians, when we get an attack by side, make others experience hell. I wish you a lot of career success, “Putin told Habib.


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