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It sounds strange, but one of Twitter’s most popular topics is whether to leave that social network or not. Fortunately, we are living in a world where we have a very wide choice of social platforms where we can write and share our thoughts that can easily replace Twitter.

Twitter respondents have been releasing things in the past few months and struggling with problems that could be resolved very easily if they were careful in the last period. Instead, an increasing number of users choose to quit Twitter and try some of the similar social networks. On this occasion, we decided to offer you several social networks that we think you should try.


If you like Twitter, but you do not want to argue with any kind of people who are there, then we recommend that you try the only valid replacement for him – Mastodon. It’s about a social network that works on the same principle as Twitter, with the exception that you can regulate yourself if you use all of its servers and send “touts” anywhere, or you will use it as a communication platform.

Mastodon’s only problem is that the messages you can send there will never be influential like Twitter’s tweets. But if you have a group of enough friends who want to try this platform, you should give it a chance together.


Although Tumblr is a well-known social network, however, we decided to re-recommend it because it performs the same function as Twitter: sending and receiving multimedia messages among people of similar interests. Tumblr is not intended to replace Twitter, so it does not look like it at all. Instead, Tumblr has its advantages as an unlimited number of characters that you can publish, no censorship of content, and allows you to “recycle” other people’s publications on your wall.

Probably the best thing about Tumblr is that there are divided groups of people writing / publishing announcements on the same topic, so it’s much easier to find what’s really of interest to you.


If you are on Twitter for writing and reading several specific, specific topics, then Amino could be offered as a good replacement for your Twitter account. Amino users are mostly lovers of certain topics and write and publish their views on the subject. You will get the same feeling as when using Tumblr, but by making Amino a much better communication tool

If you know exactly what interests you, then you will be very pleased with Amino. Not only will you be aware of what’s happening in the world, but you’ll learn things from people who really matter to them.


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