Reasons that women cry during sex


At the moment when they experience ecstasy, some women know how to cry. It’s about natural work, no matter how strange it looks.

According to sex therapist Rachel Wright, crying is usually considered a sign of sadness, but in reality it is a sign that the body says that too much emotion has accumulated, whether it’s happiness, fear, excitement or pain. She says that crying is “emotional sweating”, but many feel that sweating comes at a nasty moment.

Here are the reasons for crying over sex or sex:

1. Shame or feel guilty

Some women before the therapists said they were crying because they did not deserve to enjoy.

“They think that if mothers need to focus on children, not on their own satisfaction. That’s wrong. You must first take care of yourself, and then you can take care of others. If you are embarrassed about sexual intercourse then you need to investigate what is out of the bedroom, “said the therapist.

2. You are very happy

Maybe for a long time you did not have sex or your sex was very fun. These tears are tears of happiness, excitement and gratitude.

3. It hurts, but in a good way

“Physical pain and pleasure activate the same part of the brain, so you can cry from pain and enjoy the same time,” says Wright.

4. Tag

If you have recently died a close family member or a close person, you should not be surprised if you cry during sex. Sorrow can “hit you” at any moment.

5. You are very relaxed

Sexual intercourse is good because it forces the body to relax. For the same reason you can cry on yoga or during a massage.

6. You feel connected with your partner

Sometimes there are no words to describe how connected you are with a partner, so some people are paying for it. This is one of the ways that the body expresses emotion, during sex, hormone oxytocin is released which encourages association, empathy and confidence.


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