Recipe of the day: Macedonian grunge


An old and delicious Macedonian meal prepared with lamb or beef. Besides the meat and onions, tomatoes, white wine and spices are unavoidable.


It is needed:

1 kg of lamb or beef
2 heads of onions
80 ml of oil
1 tablespoon crushed dry spice
salt, pepper
250 g of tomato
1 hot pepper
3 young flavors
300 ml of white wine

– Cut the meat into cubes, and chop the onions thoroughly. Sprinkle a little on heated oil.

– When the meat is slightly soft, add tomatoes chopped into cubes and finely chopped hot peppers. Dine at medium temperature until the meat completely softens.

– Add chopped young onion, wine and water and cook a little bit more.

Idea: If you wish, serve the Macedonian potter with soup or nuns as a side dish.


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