Regular sex improves memory


The latest research gives you another reason why you need to maintain a healthy and active sex life after age 50: sex improves memory.

According to data from over 6,000 respondents aged over 50, healthy sex life can improve short-term memory in adult males. The results of the survey were published in May in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.

In 2012, a test of 6,016 men and women was conducted in which tests and questionnaires on health status, diet, sexual activity and emotional connection with their partners were covered. In 2014, the process was repeated and scientists from Wollongong University in Australia compared the results to determine what changed during that time period.

In general, remembering the respondents weakened over time, but those respondents who had more sex and felt a stronger emotional connection with partners during sexual intercourse had better results in memory tests.

However, improvement was noted only in short-term, but not long-term memory.

Scientists believe that sex stimulates the hippocampus, part of the mind in mind.

Regular sex also offers many other health benefits such as increased immunity and reduced stress, and makes you happier. In men, active sex life helps protect against prostate cancer.


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