Regular sex lowers blood pressure just like drugs  


Regular and good sex reduces high blood pressure as effectively as drugs, according to a recent study that was presented at the State University of Georgia.

The research involved participants who during the sex carried appliances for monitoring the work of the heart.

The researchers noticed the variation in systolic pressure in orgasm and ranged from 66 to 106, and the average was 87.

People who had sex a day then had a 13% lower systolic pressure, scientists reported as evidence that regular sex acted just like a tablet to reduce pressure.

“How much orgasm was better and more intense, the lower the pressure was the next day,” researchers from the Georgian university say.

They believe that sex acts on the pressure by encouraging the secretion of hormone oxytocin, which is known to reduce stress. In addition, many studies have already shown that regular sex strengthens immunity.

Regular and good sex life will contribute to a more positive view of the world, reduce your level of stress, and regular physical activity will keep you in good shape.


Blood pressure is the pressure of blood on the walls of the blood vessels and is one of the essential vital signs. Blood pressure is the result of two forces: one is created from the heart that pumps blood through the bloodstream, and the other is the strength of the arteries that are opposed not to the bloodstream. During each heartbeat, blood pressure changes from maximum (systolic) to minimal (diastolic). The mean blood pressure, because of the pumping of the heart and the resistance in the blood vessels, is reduced as the circulating blood moves from the heart through the arteries. It has the largest fall in small arteries and arterioles and continues to decrease as blood moves through the capillaries and back to the heart through the veins.


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