Regular sex slows aging, scientifically confirmed


Sex is not just a game and fun, nor just an animal act for breeding. Science has repeatedly proved that, above all, we have incredible health benefits from regular sex.

Sex helps to get rid of stress, improve sleep quality, strengthen immunity, stabilize the pressure, but also get closer to the partner and strengthen the relationship.

The latest research has shown that the beneficial effect of sex does not stop there – with regular sex at least once a week you will live longer and look younger.

A survey conducted at the University of California in San Francisco covered 129 mothers who were in a relationship. The respondents gave daily reports about their relationship with their partner, the satisfaction of the relationship and the number of sexual relationships per week.

In addition to the reports, the researchers also had the blood samples of the examinees examined for aging indicators. The research lasted for seven days.

When researchers compared women’s daily reports of blood samples, women concluded that women who had sex at least once a week with their partners had significantly longer telomeres (this is the protective “chromosome” that determines the life span of cells) as compared with women who did not have regular sex.

Telomeres are decomposing as a result of poor nutrition, excessive alcohol consumption and the natural aging process. What is positive is that regular sex can fix and extend telomeres.

According to this study, in addition to sex slowing down aging, it also makes us feel and look better and increases our closeness with our partner, which gives us a sense of security, which reduces stress.


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