Research: Men fall in love with women similar to their mothers


According to the results of the eHarmony online survey site, as many as 64 percent of men are related to women who share similar attitudes with their mothers.

The research is based on a test of features that deal with the psychological assessment of a man, their partner and their mother. Only 18 key attributes of mothers and partners were compared to find out how much they are similar to each other.

The final results showed that some of the features that men most appreciate are the level of tolerance, that is, the respect and appreciation of the person’s opinion, regardless of differences. Immediately follows the importance of monogamy and the readiness to have a sense of compassion for others.


“The results of our research are fully consistent with evolutionary psychology. It’s well known that we are inclined to get close to people who share similar qualities with us and to varying degrees, and we endeavor to reestablish our relationships with parents, “explains Rachel Lloyd, a relationship expert.

She adds that it is not surprising that men are attracted to women who have similar values ​​with their mothers.


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