Roll of cheese


Prepare a delicious yellow cheese roll.


300 grams of cheese

200 grams of cream cheese

100 grams of pickles

100 grams of ham

50 grams of mayonnaise


In the oven shelf, put baking paper, then arrange the cheese leaves, so that each piece overlaps one centimeter over the other piece of cheese. Place the pan in a heated oven at 100 degrees 7-8 minutes. After removing the oven from the oven, remove the cheese with the paper on the work table and cool it down a bit.

Put cream cheese, chopped pickles, chopped ham and mayonnaise in a bowl, so mix well. Make the prepared film like this on the cheese, then roll the cheese with the paper wrap it in a roll.

Leave the roll for 2-3 hours in a cooler to cool well, then cut into pieces and serve.


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