Samoa and New Zealand entered a large fireworks in 2019


Apia, 31 December 2018 (MIA) – The Pacific island nation of Samoa is the first in the world to step up in 2019 with a large fireworks display in the capital, and an hour later, New Zealand celebrated New Year’s Eve.

The residents of Auckland, New Zealand enjoyed the traditional fireworks of Sky Tower.

In Sydney, Australia, some 1.5 million people are expected on the shores of the ports from where they will watch the spectacular fireworks. Organizers say it will be the biggest celebration so far and that the 12-minute fireworks cost six million Australian dollars.

In Japan, the ringing of the Buddhist temples will be 108 times displayed, representing the number of earthly temptations that one person should overcome to achieve nirvana, in order to send the old one and wait for the New Year.


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