Science confirmed: Adults become as early as the ’30s


Have you ever when you were 20 years old told you to grow up or to start behaving like an adult, or did you just need an excuse to watch videos with cats online for hours and laugh?

Now officially you have a reason why you did not behave like a mature adult person.

Neurologists claim that people become adults only in the third decade of life.

Scientists who studied the brain and nervous system say that the age at which we grow up differs from one person to another.

Research has shown that people in 18 years still have brain changes that can affect behavior and contribute to the development of mental health disorders.

Professor Peter Jones of Cambridge University says:

“What we actually want to say is that setting a definition when we move from an adult to an adult becomes more absurd. This transition has many more nuances and takes place over three decades. ”

He adds that systems such as the education, health and justice systems have more definite definitions in this regard.

When he turns 18, a person can vote, buy alcohol, take a loan, and respond to the law as an adult.

However, Professor Jones thinks that experienced criminal judges see the difference between a 19-year-old accused and a “hardened criminal” in the late 30s.

“I think the system is adapting to what stands in front of us, and we do not see it – that people do not like the idea that the caterpillar turns into a butterfly,” he says.

“There is no strict line in years between a child and an adult. Maturation is a journey, a trajectory. “


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