Secrets of Kama Sutra: Tips That Guarantee Unforgettable Sex


To many, the mention of Kama Sutra immediately associates them with a collection of sexual poses, but in fact much more than that. In addition to sex, the ancient text focuses on the relationship between lovers, but also of love itself.

Although it’s about tips several thousand years ago, most rules about quality love and sex are very easy to apply today. According to Kama Sutra’s authors, sex is part of the natural balance of life, and these few rules provide maximum sexual pleasure.

1. Prediction is an important part of sex

Young couple lying on floor, embracing, mid section

According to Kama Sutra, there is no good sex without foreplay which has to be done in detail. Prediction is not only physical, and intimacy itself is a foreplay. This includes communication between partners and verbal expression of love. It’s important to show your partner that you want it in all possible ways, that you need it and that you want it most in the world. You can do this through gentle touches and words that will cause an explosion in him / her.

2. Women always have an edge when it comes to orgasm

It is known that men experience an orgasm more easily and faster, while women need more stimulation. That’s why it’s more logical for most men to experience orgasm for the most, but Kama Sutra disagrees with that. The text reads that a woman has an advantage when it comes to orgasm, and if a man insists she first experiences orgasm means she understands and values ​​her partner.

3. Sex should be respected

According to Kama Sutra, the essence of sex is not only a physical pleasure, but we should see it as something more meaningful, more valuable. Sex is the way to better communication, and the better the communication, the greater the connection between the lovers and their satisfaction is greater. The essence of sex is trust, openness, care for your partner as a physical, but also an emotional being.


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