How did sending an e-mails look like in 1984?


The British television channel “Thames TV” documented the moment when technicians Julian and Pet Grin first sent and received their first e-mail in 1984.

Emailing 34 years ago was much more complicated than what is today.

The “Datebase” show noted the entire process of sending e-mails since 1984.

Before sending the message itself, it was necessary to connect to the network. Today, as we know, it’s pretty simple, but then the process was different, writes “Business Insider”.

It was first necessary to connect a modem telephone line and then merge the modem on the computer.

Then it was necessary to call the other computer over the phone. To establish the connection, it was necessary to switch on the modem switch. And then “things” started to happen.

After having connected to Micronet 800, an early network service that had the option of sending e-mail, they could finally write their first electronic message.

One of the fundamental differences, apart from the described long-term process, was that in 1984 there were no e-mail addresses that we know today, but a number of numbers and letters were used for that.

In the particular case, the address was “7776a”. The message that the Greens sent then sent:

“Best wishes to everyone in the database team, your electronic, Green family”.


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