Seven facts about sex that many underestimate


There are a lot of texts in which couples are advised what they should do to achieve an orgasm, but few are the ones who write what pairs are overlooked. Cosmopolitan made a list of seven sex-related facts that are seriously underestimated.

Certain people believe that sex must always be fantastic and end with orgasm. This is one of the most common and harmful myths about sex. First of all, if your partner experiences orgasm, it does not necessarily mean that you are great in the bed. Many people have perfectly pleasing sex, although orgasm is missing.

The brain is the most important sex organ

The best sex happens when you have a deep relationship with your partner. Nearly 48 percent of men and 39 percent of women think that love is the most important factor in achieving sexual happiness. Regardless of whether you are truly in love with a person with whom you have sex or it is just an instant feeling, good association undoubtedly makes sex better, because during the relationship it will be more comfortable and relaxed.

Communication is very important

Although you have met an ideal person and although you are crazy in love, sex is not so shiny. It is vital that you keep the channels of communication open and thus compensate for the lack of sexual intercourse. Talk to your partner about what really is bothering you, and thus try to find a solution.

Variety is fun

If you eat the same meal every day, it will soon become boring. Why would sex be different? Too many pairs get stuck in a sexual routine where they do the same things, simultaneously with the same results. Sex in this way becomes a routine, not something you especially rejoice.

Do not always expect to be fun

Very few couples have great sex always. Even couples who regard their sex life as a fantastic admit that only two or three relationships of a total of ten bring extraordinary pleasure.

Use the toys

The idea that all women can experience orgasm through penetration is also one of the big sex myths. It is true that most women do not experience orgasm through vaginal penetration, but in seven out of ten cases, additional stimulation is necessary to experience orgasm. So, to ensure dual enjoyment, it is recommended to use sex toys. These devices are a great way to stimulate the clitoris and improve your chances of an orgasm.

The power of kissing

Many couples underestimate the importance of kissing, which is extremely important if we take into account that this is the best way to establish intimacy and that is one of the best segments of foreplay.


Lubricants make sex much better. They make it fun, can relieve pain, help to solve some problems related to natural lubrication and can contribute to the emergence of new feelings in sex.


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