Sex at the first meeting: a taboo theme or a common occurrence?


For some single people, even a kiss at the end of the first meeting is too much, but for others it is completely acceptable to have sex at the first meeting with potential partners.

In a survey conducted on 30,000 single people in the United States, Britain, Canada and Germany, researchers came to the conclusion that 59% of them were prepared for sexual intercourse at the first meeting.

The survey showed that Germans and Canadians are the most liberal in terms of how they would like to end the first romantic meeting with a new partner.

About half of the respondents from Canada, the United States and Britain would be open to having sex at the first meeting, or 59, 48 or 40 per cent of them, by country.

Men are more vulnerable to this question: 73 per cent of respondents from Britain and 64 per cent of male respondents in the United States say they do not have a problem to “bypass” the rule that at least three meetings should be awaited before the first sex.

As many as 72% of Germans say they like the idea of ​​sex on the first hundred, but the Germans are not so moody about it – only 23% would accept that proposal.

The Jaumo affiliate application, founded in 2011, commissioned the survey, also asked respondents to answer whether they would have unprotected sex with someone who is not their regular partner.

The results surprised the researchers.

Single Canadian respondents were most open about the idea of ​​non-sex-free sex – 65% of men and 59% of women said they would have no trouble getting a condom.

British and US respondents are right behind them – 53% of British men and 48% of US men in the survey would be pleased to have sex without protection, and 41% of German respondents said the same.

Women were not so open to this idea, especially the respondents from Germany.

Only 8% of German women would have sex without protection, compared with 37% of Britons.

43% of Americans would have sex without protection with someone who is not their regular partner.


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