Sex Diet: Super exciting poses in which you will enjoy and lose weight


During sex, you can spend up to 350 calories in half an hour – calories are consumed for 30-40 minutes. But what gives you more pleasure?

Sex Positives for Weight Loss

To burn as many calories as possible during sex and to tighten your body it is not necessary to perform complicated sex poses, nor to be acrobats of rubber.

And in classical poses you can spend a significant amount of calories. For example, in a missionary position, a woman consumes 40 calories per minute, and her husband significantly more. For women, the best position to spend calories is “cowboy” – 49 calories per minute. The more energetic you are, the more calories you burn.

It is interesting that oral sex is good for weakening – the passive participant will melt about 37 calories, and the active and up to 150 calories!

Sex in water is a significant effort to spend most calories. Because of the resistance of the water, if the man is active, he will lose 57 calories per minute.

Dieting with kissing? And it’s possible!

And kissing can help spend calories, although not as much sexual activity.

While kissing you use 38 muscles on your face. With a long, passionate kiss you can melt about 20 calories per minute. The longer you kiss, the better the effect is – and you also get a grit tension on your face.


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