Sex with the Ex – Science says it can help you make it easier


It seems that the first rule of termination is – sex with the former is forbidden.

But it seems that we need to update this rule, according to one of the latest research on the topic, whose results were published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior.

Participants in the research talked about their experience of breaking up in two stages of the research. In the first day, every day during the first two months after the break, they filled in a questionnaire in which they answered questions about how they felt that day, how emotionally attached they were, and whether they tried to establish sexual contact with them.

In the second stage, the respondents answered questions about attempts and possible successes to have sexual contact with their former partners and how emotionally attached they felt toward them.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that most people who have tried to sleep with the former have succeeded in the intention, but that did not endanger them on the road to illness. They were not depressed at all, but on the contrary, they had more positive feelings to move on.

What does this mean?

This means that the idea that if you sleep with your former partner will make you miserable, it is not always correct. For some people, sex with the ex, seems to have either no negative effect or is even positive.

Stephanie Spilman of Wayne State University, who was the lead author of the research, explains that we need to change our view of this phenomenon / need and focus on the causes of longing, not the very action itself.


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