Sexy chat: How to be “shameless in bed”?


Sexy bedbugs can heat the atmosphere further and increase enjoyment for both partners.

But the wrong way and the wrong choice of words will almost certainly be a failure from which you will not be able to recover.

Magazine Men’s Health has conducted a survey of 57 women aged 20 to 40 on a topic they want to hear from men during sex and what not.

92% of women said they enjoyed “shameless bedbugs” and other respondents said they had a negative attitude towards this type of talk during sex.

Men are often confused and do not know exactly how to act, and not to offend women in any way. It’s a good cognition, so if you’ve never talked about sex during sex, and you want to, read this guide how to talk “outrageous” during sex.

First of all, talk to your partner

Like everything else about sex, ugly conversations vary from person to person.

It is therefore necessary to talk to your partner and find out what her wishes and boundaries are.

Start the conversation with an introduction like, “Hey, I’ve read that some women do not want to talk to you ugly during sex. That is right?”

This way you will find out if your partner wants sexy conversations, so keep talking about the content of those conversations.

Day seems more beautiful when you are around

Start with sexy messages

It’s much easier to say something sexy in a message than in four eyes. Or at least it’s the beginning. If you prepare the pitch with the messages and set the tone that will keep your sexy conversations going, it will be easier to repeat it in bed later.

Follow her reactions

After you make sure your partner likes sexy conversations and you have already exchanged messages with sexy content, it’s time to show up for work.

Begin with “lighter” expressions, as a compliment to what it looks like, that you like what it does or how you feel while it is foreplay.

Follow her verbal and nonverbal reactions, sighs and movements and react accordingly to them.

During sex, tell her how beautiful she is and move on to tell her what you want.

Pay attention to the tone and content

Most women say that their tone is so important that their partner speaks irreproachably in bed. It can vary depending on how hot the atmosphere is, but mainly women want to be sexy with gentle and pleasant tone, and not with roughness.

Again, follow her reactions and if you notice something she does not like, apologize and ask what you did wrong.

Do not order or insult

Unless your partner explicitly requests this from you and you agree, never give orders about what you want to do and do not call it with abusive words.

Most women do not consider it sexy, and they emphasize that there is a difference between sexiest disgraceful talk and humiliation.

It’s okay to smile

In spite of all this, there is a probability that everything as you have imagined does not happen. Sometimes you will “crack” some stupidity, you will sometimes say something too quietly, so there will be an unpleasant silence before asking you: “How?” … it’s all right and it’s even more okay to catch you laughing and nice to get rid of it.

The key to good sex life is sincere communication. So, after sex, talk about whether and what you liked from the sexy conversation and the two.

It’s likely that the conversation will excite you and follow a second party.


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