Six physical characteristics that men can not resist


A new study published by Esquire says that at the heart of men is to look for certain characteristics among women – physical artifacts that they find most appealing. The research says these features are related to good health and fertility, and consciously or unconsciously, men regard them as irresistible.

1. Wide hips, tight half

Men want these proportions to as much of a difference as possible – the hips to be considerably wider than the waist. This part of the body is associated with the birth of children and men subconsciously think “these hips and butt are great for wearing my child.”

2. Healthy and beautiful hair

Dense, shiny and long hair is particularly attractive for men. This is another sign of good health and fertility in women. Fortunately, all this can be faked well with regular visits to a hairdresser.

3. Smile

Obviously, happy people are attractive people. But science also says that how many teeth are whiter, the better.

4. Less makeup

Though you may find layers of powder, several shades of eyes and lips in a strong color make you beautiful, science says that the natural look is more appealing to men.

5. Slim voice

According to the research, a tanic and a high female voice alludes to youth and a small feminine body – two characteristics that are attractive to men.

6. Carrying red

There is a reason why the red color is associated with passion. Studies have shown that wearing red clothes increases attractiveness.

Do our male readers agree with this?


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