Six rules to restore your motivation to exercise


What’s harder than exercise? Keep the motivation for exercise. This is a problem that almost everyone faces, and Lewis Parker, who has a grounded method of the same name, with her advice will help you in that. These are her six golden rules for restoring exercise.

Be realistic and set your achievable goals

The motivation is transient. Yes, it is needed to start practicing, but the motivation itself may not be sufficient to change something. If you want to enter a new routine in your life, the plan you plan to accomplish needs to be realistic and achievable.

Get to know your “why”

It’s easy to switch from one fitness to another, without even thinking why you want that change. Try to think about the habits that affect everyday life on your own. Imagine being more energetic, positive, proactive, with increased self-confidence … and your body will be their reflection.

Make it easy

Start with simple steps that will ease the entrance to a more energetic life and awaken the part in you for which you did not even know it exists. Whether it’s a walk or a few simple stretching exercises in your living room, you will stop thinking about exercise as a burden and remind yourself that there is a person who wants to be active in you.

Get ready

You will not believe how your new and beautiful sneakers, colorful sports clothes or a new gadget can encourage you to try them out. And you will look very good with them. This in itself is motivation.

Be positive

This kind of thinking is definitely not easy, but it’s key to success in life. You have to give something to get a net in return.

Find a workout partner

This will teach you responsibility for yourself, but also for others. Whether it’s a friend, a colleague or a neighbor, it’s a good feeling when you know someone understands and supports your goal.


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