Sony PlayStation 5 could appear sooner than expected


Sony’s most famous game console, Sony PlayStation, should receive the fifth member of the family by the end of this year, although it was announced earlier by the manufacturer that it would be launched only two years from now.

According to the writing of a media close to Sony, the company is trying to perfectly timing the timing of the new console, because too early to exit could have negative consequences for the sale of the PlayStation 4.

The date of the release of the new console is not known yet, but speculation that Sony intends to present it to the market late this year or early 2020.

The next-generation console will have upgraded hardware designed to increase the user’s enjoyment at a higher level.

After the PlayStation 4 console was released in 2013, it experienced several hardware changes in order to look more attractive to potential buyers. Thus, for example, the PS4 Slim reduced the hardware “load” and made the console compact.


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