Superfood that melts calories while you sleep


Want to get rid of the excess fatty deposits of the body? By including this superfood in your menu you will succeed, and for best results you should eat it before going to bed.

Florida State University scientists claim that a protein rich in soft cheese can help you speed up metabolism and weaken it.

The results of the study showed that if you eat 30 grams of protein half an hour before bedtime it will have a positive effect on the quality of muscle, metabolism and general health.

To test the results of intake of healthy and natural foods versus synthetic proteins commonly found in shakes and supplements in the direction of the weight loss process, scientists conducted a survey of a group of women.

Respondents at the age of 20 were eating soft cheese every night, 30 minutes before going to bed.

Nutritionist Ryan Lambortt says soft cheese is an ideal natural source of protein.

Proteins are crucial for muscle growth and recovery, but also in burning calories.

The cottage cheese is considered superfluous: 100 grams of young cheese contains about 12-15 grams of protein, most of which are in the form of casein, which is slowly digested – from 2 to 7 hours – which means it saturates for a long time. Therefore, young cheese is a great choice for the last meal of the day.


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