The author of the sex video from the Cheops Pyramid has been discovered


Egyptian authorities arrested a camel and another person who allegedly helped Danish tourists who posted a video climbing to the top of the Cheops Pyramid and having sex on one of the most famous archaeological finds in Egypt.

The video released by the Danish couple after leaving Egypt has become virulent, but has encountered condemnation and criticism not only of the authorities, but also of the citizens of the Muslim country.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry said a woman was arrested for helping tourists to contact the camel who illegally took them to the pyramid on the night of November 29 for an equivalent of 200 euros.

The woman and the camel should soon be brought to justice.

Earlier this month, 23-year-old photographer Andreas Hvid released the controversial video on YouTube, filmed on one of the seven world wonders. The video girl has not yet been identified.

Although the author of the video has been found, it is unclear whether the Egyptian authorities have brought charges against the two Danish tourists because they left Egypt and certainly do not hurry to return to the crime scene.

“I will stay away from Egypt; I am surely risking to end up in jail if I go back there,” said Hvid for the Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet.


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